100% MADE IN GERMANY Each TASCHENBEGLEITER is ›sewed freshly‹ by hand in Germany.
That's why we are flexible to fulfill your special requests.


bigger A6 (10,4 x 16,1 cm) = fitting DIN A6 refills

bigger A5 (15,5 x 22,0 cm) = fitting DIN A5 refills

bigger A4 (23,5 x 32,0 cm) = fitting DIN A4 refills

bigger iPad ca. 20,2 x 25,2 cm = fitting for iPads 1 - 3 as well as DIN A5 refills

bigger iPad Air ca. 19,2 x 25,2 cm = fitting for iPad Air (iPad 4) as well as DIN A5 refills

Special formats are possible on request. Feel free to ask.


COVER DANCEFLOOR: Durable, long-lasting synthetic material, originally designed for ballet dance floors. Great look and feel. Shows no fingerprints, is more scratch-resistant than leather, and is easily cleaned. Available in five assorted colours.

COVER LEATHER: Strong, 2mm thick natural leather. Available in dark brown, light brown, and black. Our full grain calf leather is vegetable-tanned and dyed in a tannery in the south of Germany. Natural unevenness like wrinkles and grains or maybe mosquito bites underline the naturalness of this material and its uncoated surface. To grease and impregnate regularly it will protect the leather from running dry and fading. Greasing might darken the leather. Through handling it will gain a natural patina by and by.

PRINTING BLANKET: Rubber printing blanket is used in the process of offset printing. It is tensed around a cylinder within the printing unit and transfers colors from the printing plate to paper.
An interesting job: Printing blanket sees a lot of texts and pictures. It has been cleaned again and again. Traces are left anyhow: graphically very beautiful traces! Stripes, leftovers of lettering and pictures, new color mixtures. Every die-cut sheet of the printing blanket is unique and starts a second life as cover of a TASCHENBEGLEITER.
This gummed surface is a is a suitable underlay for comfortable writing. The flipside is a textile fabric. After our cleaning process ink residues on the material are nonhazardous. Proof for this has been provided in two chemical analyses (DIN EN 71). Its thickness of 2 mm gives the printing blanket the optimal standing for a cover of a Taschenbegleiter. We are very happy, to work now with recycled material besides our vegetable-tanned leather.
Printing blanket is worth a closer look: Available only at our dealers.

RECYCLING LEATHER: Leavings from the manufacture of vegetal leather are combined with nature latex to the so-called recycling leather. In this way, the blend of a premium primary product is optimally used. The dark grey surface is washable. The recycling leather is slightly stiffer than the ROTERFADEN leather.
Are you interested and would like to have a look?
We would be pleased to send you a sample item. Just write us an email or call us.


INTERIOR MATERIAL 100% WOOL FELT: Our high quality, dense felt is 100% wool and 2mm thick. It’s not comparable with thin “craft felt”. Pure wool is firm, durable and self-cleaning. Even after many years, the felt on the inside of your TASCHENBEGLEITER will still be in great shape. “Keep calm and order a free felt sample first!”

INTERIOR MATERIAL SUEDE: In response to a request from many customer we now offer suede also as inside material. We have searched and found: nice and soft suede in three colors. It does not go too well with a dancefloor outside, but it looks great with all of the three leather colors.

METAL CLIPS: Immortal stainless steel, matt polished. Our clips are made by a small factory in Bavaria. Every clip is carefully checked

BACK AND CLOSURE: Made from crosswise elastic material, so that the notebook remains closed and intact even if overloaded.

CAN'T IMAGINE? We are happy to send you scrap samples for free. Send us a self-adressed stamped envelope, or we charge shipping (1,45 €).