July 21st, 2017 The result of a special edition – so many other travellers liked this item that we have added the passport cover to our assortment. The leather cover is 10 × 13.5 cm and comes with one pair of clips. Travel documents and tickets can also be clipped in. If you need more space: the »normal« A6 TASCHENBEGLEITER is a tried-and-tested travel companion. All passports, tickets etc. fit under the clips and a smartphone fits in the back pocket.

June 20th, 2017 We’ve already received a number of inquiries for a TASCHENBEGLEITER that fits around the new 10.5" iPad Pro. Et voilà: our new TASCHENBEGLEITER is 21 x 28 cm on the outside. The clips face inwards and can hold notebooks from A5 to 21 x 26.5cm. The iPad Pro can be stowed away behind four corner elastics (select POCKET COMBINATION 5) or in an inside pocket (select POCKET COMBINATION 4). Click here to see the item.

May 24th, 2017 There are new examples of the PRINTING BLANKET TASCHENBEGLEITER in every monthly Newmoon Mail. Demand has gotten high, but not everyone has a ROTERFADEN RETAILER close by. As these one-of-a-kind TASCHENBEGLEITER are too individual to fit into any single category in the webshop, we’ve created an Instagram account for them. We will add more PRINTING BLANKET TASCHENBEGLEITER several times a week. Every photograph has a number and can be reserved via Instagram comment, email or phone call.

Follow us through our main Instagram account roterfaden.de and you’ll get behind the scenes at ROTERFADEN. We look forward to connecting up!

April 26th, 2017 Clipped inside the TASCHENBEGLEITER? In addition to the year planner? In the jacket pocket? We have had so many requests for this article that we finally realized it was time: the 2018 MONTH-BY-MONTH LEPORELLO PLANNER is now available from the webshop.

April 26th, 2017 Courtyard open day on the May Bank Holiday is approaching fast and once again, many of the courts and backyards in the loveliest district of Saarbrücken, “Quartier Mainzerstraße”, will be opening their gates. ROTERFADEN will be tempting you in with the scent of freshly made popcorn! We will be donating all the profits from our popcorn sale to the »Kinderschutzbund Ortsverband Saarbrücken e.V«. Our flagship store will also be open and we look forward to many visitors between noon and 8 pm.

March 29th, 2017 An incredibly soft vegetable-tanned leather exterior, with vegetable-tanned suede on the inside. Lots of pockets and a zipper compartment. The new TASCHENBEGLEITER ST_17 in the A5+ format is now available in our Webshop. Your local ROTERFADEN retailer can also order one for you. Available from April 19th.

February 24th, 2017 Our large A4 TASCHENBEGLEITER are very popular with sales reps and other people working from a “mobile office”. Our customers at WELEDA were also very happy with the format and the adjustable clip height (which works with A5 documents). The A4 Taschenbegleiter and the optional engraving are available in the Configurator. If you would like adjustable clips, please give us a call or send an email. We’re also happy to inform our corporate clients of special discounts.

January 30th, 2017 Estragon Film is filming a »MADE IN SAARLAND« series for the regional SR TV station, and the team dropped in on ROTERFADEN recently. The report can be seen on Thursday, February 2 on the SR channel. You can always watch it later to see behind the scenes at ROTERFADEN: go to the Mediathek or visit www.roterfaden.de

November 29th, 2016 The smoky mint-colored printing blanket (without printing ink residues) is not only a lovely color, but also has a very pleasant velvety feel to it.
And we were lucky enough to get some more! This printing blanket is now available, while stocks last, in the A5 format with a turmeric interior as article TASCHENBEGLEITER DT_17 in the webshop.

October 1st, 2016 We’ve often been asked whether the large iPad Pro fits in the A4 TASCHENBEGLEITER? The answer is: no, not in the inside pocket – it’s just a tad too big. But it fits perfectly under the four elastic bands at the corners. All other pads and similar devices will also fit in the inside pockets or under the elastics. Please give us a call – we always find a good solution, possibly tailor-made! Go to the Configurator to design your A4 TASCHENBEGLEITER.

October 31st, 2016 Many devices, such as the iPad 9.7" or the iPad Mini, in combination with their protective covers (or the smart cover), are too big for the large inside pocket in the A5 TASCHENBEGLEITER.
If you would prefer to keep to the A5 format rather than going up a size to the A4 TASCHENBEGLEITER, then the new 20 × 25 TASCHENBEGLEITER is probably your best option.
It comes in various materials and colors, with three different versions of the interior pockets. One of these versions has the popular elastics on the inside right for holding an iPad 9.7" or an iPad Air.

August 31st, 2016 The first ROTERFADEN MIDWIFE CALENDAR 2017 has been produced in cooperation with WELEDA and is already available in A5 format in our webshop. The additional pages for planning courses and patient appointments and the space for recording house call journeys are tailored to the job of midwife.
The calendar also includes many events and dates that are relevant for midwifery.

July 21st, 2016 No words. The remit: a short animation, as simple as the clip mechanism, without words. Our neighbor, the illustrator Joni Majer, knew what and how to do it. You can see the delightful result here:

July 4th, 2016 After seven years, we have changed the elastic for the closure and the penholder. You’re welcome! It’s so pleasing to see how the leather ages and how good the quality still is. Please let us know if your closure or penholder elastic needs replacing.

June 3rd, 2016 We were very pleased to be visited by Russell Hemsworth. He runs the wonderful stationery store NOTA BENE in Montreal, which ROTERFADEN articles will soon be calling home. By the way, dear inhabitants of Saarbrücken, he made the journey from Saarbrücken main station to the Rosenstrasse by velotaxi (highly recommendable!).
You can find a current list of our retailers here.

May 6th, 2016 The desk mats are currently backed with light grey 100% wool felt. This makes the pad lie flatter, particularly at the corners. You can also turn the pad over, felt-side up, so if you’d like a different colour, feel free to choose something fresh from the samples in the webshop.

April 7th, 2016 The new teacher’s calendars have arrived! You can find detailed description and photos of the new teachers’ calendar in our webshop. The calendar is available in A5 and A4 format. Here is a list of our retailers, so you can buy your calendar locally and save on postage.

March 10th, 2016 Many of our clients have requested our leather tablet sleeve for their MacBook Pros. We have now included the plain leather sleeve for the 13" format in our webshop. You can, of course, add an engraving to the case, which might be useful should you misplace it.

January 9th, 2016 So many wonderful things have happened to us since ROTERFADEN was born in 2006 as part of a design degree. We would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty and for continuing to recommend us. Whether stainless steel clips, leather, embroidery, engraving or printing, it’s 100% “handcrafted in Germany”.

30. Dezember 30th, 2015 HAPPY NEW 2016! On saturday 2th january, 2016 our local store in Saarbrücken will be closed.

December 11th, 2015 Safely hidden. As an alternative to the business card holder, use one of these adhesive pouches to store cards, vouchers, photos and more. You can stick them into any Roterfaden notebook. Order one the next time you’re in a shopping mood.

November 11th, 2015 We have added the new interior colors to the Taschenbegleiter Configurator. 100% wool felt: in turmeric / magnolia / blue / light? oder lime? green / rust / light gray / dark gray
Vegetable tanned suede leather: in turquoise / earth.
These colors—and our new live preview graphics—are online in the CONFIGURATOR as of today!

October 13th, 2015 All sewn items—not just TASCHENBEGLEITER from the CONFIGURATOR—can now be “engraved”. Laser engraving works well on all materials—not just leather! First examples of this personalization can be seen in our gallery.

11. September 2015 The CONFIGURATOR has learned to do something new! In addition to embroidery on the inside, you can now personalize the outside of your TASCHENBEGLEITER. You can have an image or text engraved by laser on all our outer materials. Ask us if you are unsure.
And to all our corporate customers: we are happy to prepare a special offer for your larger orders.

16. Juli 2015 The new calendars are available, as always in two layouts and three formats. This year, our calendar A4 is packed with new features: more space for appointments, a separate area for full-day events and a handy step index. Locally printed on FSC-certified paper.

16. Juni 2015 After numerous experiments, our solar sign is a sight for sore eyes! The solar cells charge up during the day and the ROTERFADEN logo lights up the Rosenstraße at night — our environmentally friendly and durable illumination.

4. May 2015 On May 2, 2015, a regional TV station, SWR, took a look behind the scenes of ROTERFADEN! The documentary entitled “Wiederentdeckung der Manufakturen” (Rediscovering manufacturing) showed 20 small-scale manufacturers in the Southwest of Germany. Watch the program via the online SWR Mediathek! (from minute 29!)

15. April 2015 We received Schauspielhaus Bochum’s old dance floor, which had already had a previous career at the Viktoria Theater Essen. The TASCHENBEGLEITER are now available in light grey or brown.
Charity: For each Taschenbegleiter sold, we donate 5 Euros to the Viktoria Theater Essen’s partner school. The “El-Shaddai International School” in Klikor, Ghana, gives a much needed home and education to local orphans and other children. © Photo: Schauspielhaus Bochum

24. März 2015 SAarVOIR 13 of our A4 TASCHENBEGLEITER are starting a new career as choir folders. With an extra wrist strap, integrated clipboard, only two pairs of clips and at special choir rates. More details as well as the coming SAarVOIR CHANTER dates here.

24. Februar 2015 SWR documentary about Roterfaden: On May 2, 2015, a regional TV station, SWR, will be taking a look behind the scenes of ROTERFADEN! The documentary entitled “Wiederentdeckung der Manufakturen” (Rediscovering manufacturing) will show 20 small-scale manufacturers in the Southwest of Germany. Watch the program at 8:15pm or later via the online SWR Mediathek.

16. January 2015 teacher’s calendar 2015 / 2016: The new teacher’s calendar is in work and will be available soon. We have had many (enough) requests for an A4 format, so we’re happy to announce that we can now offer this format aswell. Take a look

19. December 2014 BETWEEN CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR: ROTERFADEN Central in Saarbrücken is open on both Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve from 10 am to 1 pm. Our store will stay closed on Saturday, December 27.

23. October 2014 iPHONE 6 AND (ALL) OTHERS We produce ROTERFADEN SMARTPHONE COVERS for all devices.
The cases adapt themselves to the device after a few weeks and with age, they get even more beautiful. The soft inside-leather polishes and cleans the display every time while pulling out of the case. Three leather-colors and three different elastics are waiting for your personal creation. The big brother iPhone 6+ fits inside the TABLET COVER.

24. September 2014 ROTERFADEN IN LOS ANGELES: We are happy to introduce our new retailer in Los Angeles: BAUMKUCHEN presents – also online – a surprising product line of design, handicraft and stationary products. Fassssster DHL… our parcel is on its way.

31. August 2014 RECYCLING LEATHER: We welcome this new material! Leavings from the manufacture of vegetal leather are combined with nature latex to the so-called RECYCLING LEATHER. In this way, the blend of a premium primary product is optimally used. Take a look at the article in the formats A4+ and A5+ in three interior colours. The new material is also available for our TASCHENBEGLEITER // format iPad

31. June 2014 DESERVED HOLIDAYS: Due to annual company holidays in our tailor's shop, the delivery times for the TASCHENBEGLEITER from the KONFIGURATOR will be extended for several days between the 10th and the 20th of August. We thank you for your understanding."

27. june 2014 READY FOR 2015: The new calendars are available. With even more holidays: In this edition, we included the holidays and breaks of the German-speaking neighbouring countries. Also new: a few pages for notes / dot matrix in the last calendar part. Available – as usual – in three formats and two layouts. TAKE A LOOK?.

12. June 2014 THE NEWCOMER AT OUR BOOKLET ASSORTMENT: A good list is half the job! These ROTERFADEN LISTS, can be used as a bookmark, if you place them inside the current calendar page.

05. May 2014 FRESHLY PUNCHED. FRESHLY SEWN. Nice printing blanket > nice die-cut sheet > nice Taschenbegleiter. You can find unique organisers made out of this recyclingmaterial at our retailers only..

05. March 2014 At the right place.. More and more TASCHENBEGLEITER find their purpose in companies. These pretty, simple companions are the new menu cards at the restaurant HOHOFFS 800° in Dotmund, for a short while! Our nice, light brown leather got a blind stamp of the logo, so they fit perfectly to the corporate design of HOHOFFS 800°. More ideas for companies you can find here.

01. March 2014
Our easy and popular smartphone case, now has a big brother. Available for the iPad mini and all other tablets. This case made out of vegetable tanned leather is available in three colours and three different elastics. Take a look?

21. Februar 2014 In the third year! Now the TEACHERS CALENDAR 2014 / 2015 is available at our webshop. You can find further informations about the content and some small improvements in the third year here. Starting in August, the CALENDAR is also interesting for pupils and students.

08. February 2014 Our customers call our A4 Format "KONFERENZBEGLEITER" ("CONFERENCE COMPANION"). Now we are happy, to offer a few of them made out of DANCE FLOOR. We can produce 12 exemplars in BLACK / GREEN / RED or PIGEON BLUE at a time.
here you´ll find the article.

14. January 2014 Thanks very much for the nice pictures "My TASCHENBEGLEITER in afrika"! Would you like to add your picture to our "GALLERY RELATIONS"? We are looking forward to receive your mail.

2. December 2013 We die-cutted beautiful stars from paper scraps hailing from our printers'. Every star is unique! Both sides may show different bits and pieces of texts and images. The coloured stars are just perfect for decorating your presents, your windows and trimming your Christmas tree! And how about creating a gorgeous TYPO STAR centrepiece? A set of stars is composed of 20 pieces. Please follow this link to follow our TYPO STARS!

2. November 2013 24 days > 24 x real mail for someone really special. 24 friends to be contacted during advent? Or daily mail to a loved one all 24 days before Xmas? It is way more fun to give than to receive! Whoever receives the perforated cards, will love to hang them on the wall. And why not decorate your own four walls with this Hanging Calendar – add your own design as you please- TAKE A LOOK

20. August 2013 ONE FOR (ALMOST) ALL Our new case houses iPhone 4 aswell as 5, Samsung S3 aswell as S4 … and many further cell phones. Would you like us to double-check which format you need for your smartphone? Do not hesitate to contact us! An additional pocket gives room to bank notes, credit cards or business cards. Take a look!

2. August 2013 CALENDARS 2014 The fresh calendars are available at our webshop, at our retailers and of course at the (cool) ROTERFADEN HEADQUARTER, in Saarbrücken.

12. July 2013 PRESS ABOUT US Thanks very much for the press report about ROTERFADEN in the next issue of NOVUM

8. July 2013 CALENDAR 2014 We finished the layout for our new calendars. They are available from 29.07.2013 at our webshop and our retailers.

18. June 2013 FRESH AND CLEAN: DANCEFLOOR is a durable and long-lasting material, otherwise we would not work with this material. There are TASCHENBEGLEITER, doing a good job since 2007. One of our customers gave us the clue, that cleaning erasers are a perfect solution to clean the dancefloor.

07.JUNE 2013 We are acting as sponsor for a little tree oasis in front of our ROTERFADEN shop. Our partner in this sponsorhip is landscape architect Ben Krebs. Watering the plants in the morning - not the worst way to start a working day in summer! Here is our garden-in-progress:

29. MAY 2013 For ***** 5 years now,our TASCHENBEGLEITER have been working as menus and did a good job. Congratulations on our clip mechanism and our quality in material and processing. Congratulations to our beloved Moccachili!

20. MAY 2013 The nice HOTEL DOMIZIL LEIDINGER is our neighbour. After renovation and redesign of the restaurant, our TASCHENBEGLEITER got a chance again, to show their strength in the catering trade.

10. MAI 2013 this month we are in a birthday spirit as our new TASCHENBEGLEITER KONFIGURATOR is finished and as our ROTERFADEN website has been updated. Take a look

10. APRIL 2013 The new teachers’ calendars 2013 / 2014 are now also available in our shop. Feedback during the first year was very good. Simply additional pages for the overview of marks were requested. We have tripled the number of pages.

22. MARCH 2013 SPRING :: TIME for a new beginning There are two job advertisements at the home page of our Website
Product Manager (m/w) und Customer Service (m/w) We look forward to receiving your application for one of the positions./p>

28. FEBRUARY 2013 Great idea! Today we realized the DIY instructions by our Trainee Johanna and made a wreath of ROTERFADEN paper. You might want to have a look at her blog: mademoisellechevreuil

11. FEBRUARY 2013 New at the shop: DIARY We have been asked so often for a thicker notebook. We are happy so be finally able to let these wishes come true! In our shop is now available the Diary / Notebook. 80 g paper, 128 pages, dot matrix on the left and stave on the right. Available in two formats. May it be inspiring!

29. JANUARY 2013 New Press Report. We are very glad about the publication of an article about us in the current issue of " Kult am Pult!
Issue 1/2013, January bto March contains the text about us under the headline "ROTERFADEN: maximale Freiheit als System. NAME ALS PROGRAMM". Thank you!

4. JANUARY 2013 Attention: shopping on Saturdays. Tomorrow will be the last Saturday for now our store is open from 10 to 14. For the next months we allow ourselfs a little more free time and won't open our store on Saturdays.
Our usual opening hours are from Monday till Friday from 8:30 to 18:00. If you'd like to visit us later, please call us and schedule an appointment. And we are looking forward to all the Saturday shopping-people we will have at our store tomorrow.

3. JANUARY 2013 New product: Masking Tape rosarot. We start the new year with a new item:
rosarot is masking tape for wrapping presents, sticking or decorating. The decorative tape made of paper is available in red and rose. A roll costs 3€.
Now available at our shop.

10. DECEMBER 2012 New: note booklets dot matrix. An absolute must for all lovers of beautiful paper products, now available at our web-shop: 3-pack note booklets with dot matrix. Available as usual in threee formats A6, A5, A4.
Several customers wished for this ruling. We know, why:
- First of all are the dots not visible under handwriting.
- Secondly the dot matrix combines lines and squares.
- Thirdly does this decent ruling not annoy us while drawing on it.
These note booklets are made of the same paper as our calendars and therefore especially nice to write on with ink.

6. DECEMBER 2012 ROTERFADEN in Japanese! Just in time before the year is over we are very happy to show you one of our personal highlights in 2012. The Japanese ROTERFADEN website and a corresponding webshop are ready and online. Exciting!
We hope you had as well a special surprise in your Advent calendar!

29. NOVEMBER 2012 Win a Christmas present: In the current issue of SCHROT UND KORN the 7th to 10th prise of the competition is a 100€-voucher for our assortment. Good luck!
More information about the magazine: http://www.schrotundkorn.de/
And here our assortment: http://www.roterfaden.de/en/All-ROTERFADEN-products/

28. NOVEMBER 2012

16. NOVEMBER 2012 NEW: The TASCHENBEGLEITER for ipad mini. The iPad mini has hardly been released and we have already a functional case for it. A5 is the best selling organiser format and we have already been waiting for an iPad in this size.
In principle, the A5 Taschenbegleiter is equipped with one business card pocket (=2 compartments) on top and one lateral pocket at the bottom. On the inside of the back surface, the iPad mini will either be secured by four elastics, or it will be accommodated within a larger lateral pocket (known as iPad mini pocket). Selectable to one’s own taste.

As a reminder – since Christmas is coming soon – we do not only manufacture for Apple products. Kindle, Galaxy Tab and other devices can also be accommodated in the same way. Just mention your model as well as measurements and we will implement something suitable.

14. NOVEMBER 2012 Exceptionally next saturday our shop will be closed. But saturday after that we will offer hot drinks for all our visitors!

5. NOVEMBER 2012 A iPad mini, does fit inside the TASCHENBEGLEITER A5. We will add a product to the onlineshop shortly. In the meantime you may design your TASCHENBEGLEITER A5 at the KONFIGURATOR and tell us per mail or phone, whether you prefer 1) an "iPad mini inside pocket" or 2) "4 elastics" to fasten the iPad mini.

24. OCTOBER 2012 Our design WK_12 has become very popular at our dealers and is now also available on our web shop. These TASCHENBEGLEITER come in sizes A6 and A5 as well as for your iPhone (suiting sizes 4 and 5). Made of 1.2 mm thick and vegetable-tanned leather. Instead of 3, it comes with only 2 pairs of metal clips. Soft suede leather on the inside. Your own pen becomes the closing mechanism when put through both latches.

18. OKTOBER 2012 This is what they look like, our very new, very fancy and very useful DISPLAYS for our dealers. We already brought several into stores and are still bussy with bringing them to more and more shops. Soon at the dealer of your choice!

26. SEPTEMBER 2012 What`s the red audi doing in "avenue de la Porte Neuve"? Delivering the first new ROTERFADEN DISPLAY to the new first retailer in Luxemburg. Lousy weather but nice reason to go to luxemburg today.

20. AUGUST 2012 We recommend DEUTSCHE BAHN: And an article in the 8/20112 edition of the "DB Mobil" magazine recommends our TASCHENBEGLEITER. We wish you a pleasant journey. : )

10. AUGUST 2012 Comming soon: It looks like the new iphone 5 is going to be a little thinner and 8,6 mm higher. That means the iphone will fit well inside this cover!

30. JULY 2012 we are open one hour longer each day, till 6 p.m.

30. JULY 2012 Special greetings from our graphics department: The youngest team member (7 years) is typographically simply unbeatable. We proudly present the latest result, a nice greeting card. ("Here comes your companion"). We wish you a beautiful summer and nice holidays!

29. JUNE 2012 We are really fast this year Even before anybody had asked "When will you offer next years calendars?" they are already here! Layouts, formats and prices as ususal. The art creator Manuel Wesely created the lettering on the cover. Calendars 2013 are available here.

31. MAI 2012 Our ROTERFADEN TEACHER CALENDAR will be available from june 18th on. Some teachers gave us advices during development and implementation. You can take a look at the shop. We are looking forward to receive your feedback. Feel free to mail us any questions! You can do us a favour if you tell other teachers about our new solution. Thanks very much.

APRIL 12th 2012 Our competition together with re:duziert Blog is over. "Where are we missing?", was the asignment. We got 10 submissioen which proposed beautiful stationeries all over Germany. The winner is Christoph Schulte, who convinced us with a smypathic and detailed introduction of his favourite stationery in Hamburg. The promised Taschenbegleiter will be freshly produced and send to the lucky winner. Have fun with an organizer, made of recycled Printing Blanket, 100% made in Germany.

We would like to thank everybody who took part! Many nice stationeries have been proposed to us, which we will contact now. All suggestions that lead to a new partner for us, will be rewarded with a Taschenbegleiter. By the way, this offer is always true: name us a new potential dealer and if things work out, we will reward you.

MARCH 10th 2012 It is a plesure to advise customers, because nice things arise! Today: This macbook air cover. Our strong leather at the outside, thin and smooth velours inside. Four elastics at the edges. One fastener. Call us, if you urgently need something like this.

MARCH 23rd 2012 You can win a DRUCKTUCH-TASCHENBEGLEITER! In case you subscribed to our newsletter you already know it: We introduced a new cover for our Taschenbegleiter. We use PRINTING BLANKET, which is used in the process of offset printing. PRINTING BLANKET-TASCHENBEGLEITER are only available at our dealers. More Information can be found in the menu "Material + Formats" as well as and many sample pictures in our gallery. In addition you can win one: Reduziert auf Drucktuch - eine Taschenbegleiter-Gewinn-Aktion. (German only, sorry).

MARCH 15th 2012 Good news for those writing with fountain pens! Animated by many comments to an article at the Notizbuchblog we checked the quality of our note booklets. In fact handwriting with a fountain pen did not look satisfactory for us. As soon as our stock is empty we will user other paper like in our calendars. Thank you for several notes about this!

MARCH 8th 2012 DEAR CUSTOMERS! From march - august, our retail shop is closed on saturday. We are opened MO-FR from 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m ... sometimes longer and SA from 10 a.m. to 2p.m. Just call us if you want to visit us after 5:00 p.m. It is no problem to make dates according to agreement. from september 2012 an, we are open on saturday again.

5. MARCH 2012 Mr. Blaak, asked us whether it is possible to "make a new loyal companion out of the old loyal companion"? Sure! Soon we can punch out to pieces of the schollbag and create his TASCHENBEGLEITER A5.

Thinking of your own old bag in the attic? Feel free to write us: kontakt@roterfaden.de oder auf twitter @_Roterfaden

29th FEBRUARY 2012 People say you should not care too much about what others might think about you. But we are listening anyway. Julia from the German Notizbuchblog published her thoughts about our products in two very long and extensive illustrated posts. You may read her field report about the Taschenbegleiter here and her second post about the booklets we offer can be found here (both in German). We are very happy - Thank you so much, Julia!

We would like to collect this and other reports about ROTERFADEN and made a new page for this purpose: "Customers about us". You can find it in the menu under "All about Roterfaden".

15th FEBRUARY 2012 Pssst! Here is a hot tip for everybody who intends to order from us: For subscribing to our MAIL OF THE MONTH you will get a 5€ voucher that can be redeemed in our shop. Stay in touch with the periodic ROTERFADEN mail of the month. We gladly inform you each new moon about recent tips, promotions and new products. For registering please follow this link.

14th FEBRUARY 2012 We did clean up. Our Page "Other things that fit" is now tidy. Well-arranged, with more details and even more examples we show you which papers and devices fit in our Taschenbegleiter. Examples to follow! We will be very happy to receive more of your ideas! Show us, what's hiding inside your Taschenbegleiter and send it to us via email to kontakt@roterfaden.de or on twitter @_Roterfaden or post it on Facebook.

3rd FEBRUARY 2012 Invitation to official opening: On February 10th the exhibition fassade (cladding) by Annika Schindler will open at 7 pm at Roterfaden, Rosenstraße 11. In 20 photographs in small format the globetrotter shows claddings, visible covers not only of buildings, which she encountered during the last 12 months in Spain. Her pictures show marks how only time leaves them in covers.
It is the 8th exhibition of the yet again in Saarbrücken living artist. The photographs will be accessible until march 30th during opening hours Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 7 pm and Saturday 10 am - 2 pm at the Roterfaden salesroom. We are looking forward to welcoming a lot of visitors!
More information about the artist: http://einblick-fotografie.com/

2nd FEBRUARY 2012 How quickly time flies! It's been a year since we moved into our salesroom at the Rosenstraße in Saarbrücken. A lot of the daily business at Roferfaden happens here: Taschenbegleiter and calendars are stocked, work stations are here and we provide advice for our customers. If you are e.g. interested to try your hand on a Taschenbegleiter or an iPhone case then our salesroom is the place to visit.

31st JANUARY 2012 Another option to have your KINDLE 4 or GALAXY TAB with you in your Taschenbegleiter, is a model fitting the size of the tablet. The tablet is held on the back side by four elastics in the corners. The three pairs of clips are slightly moved towards the inside. For the iPad we offer this format by default and to tailor it for any other tablet is not a problem, of course.

24th JANUARY 2012 Thanks for the positive feedback concerning our TASCHENBEGLEITER for the ipad. Did you know: A lot of our customers use there GALAXY TAB or KINDLE 4 inside the TASCHENBEGLEITER A5. We recommend to choose the standard-pocket, but 4cm higher. Fits perfect. No special format or extra costs necessary. Just tell us per Mail or use the input field "your message".

3rd JANUARY 2012 The Roterfaden-Team says THANK YOU for an amazing and exciting 2011! Have a Happy New Year!

8th DECEMBER 2011 APPLICATION PORTFOLIO: Customers told us many times, that it is impossible to find nice and high-grade covers for there application. Now we produced the first one. Format A4. Inside suede and outside leather. Only one pair of clips. No elastics and no pen-holder. Personal broidery to make sure you get the cover back.

28th NOVEMBER 2011 SPECIAL EDITION 2011 // coral red leather
short delivery time of 2-3 working days. 2mm thick natural leather. Vegetable tanned and dyed, with a smooth and natural surface. Limited edition. Only format A5. Details at the shop

22. NOVEMBER 2011: commonly folders (the simple once made of strong paper) do also fit inside a TASCHENBEGLEITER A4. In some cases 1 cm has to be cut of, because the folder is oversize. If you don't want to cut yourself or if you need a lot of folders, ask your copyshop.

21. NOVEMBER 2011 The quality of our broideries has always been brilliant, but since a photographer is working in our team, you can also recognize it on the pictures. New - much better - pictures at our Gallery Broidery

7. NOVEMBER 2011 During December 2011 the Quartier Mainzer Straße becomes again a by foot accessible Advent calendar. Several doors and windows are already decorated with big numbers. Our door is number 12! You are kindly invited to visit us on December 12th. Mayor Charlotte Britz will be our guest and we will prepare cinnamon waffles for you.

From December 1st to December 24th every evening at 6 p.m. a door of the accessible Advent calender will be opened. In advance the door will be nice illuminated to point the way. Members of the orchester-club „Musik verbindet“ from Oberwürzbach will prepare acoustic signals with trombone & trumpet. Around the newly opened door a little surprise for five to 30 minutes will be happening.

More information can be found on posters around the city and online: www.advent-im-quartier.de, www.facebook.com/diemainzersb.de

10. OKTOBER 2011 We updated our "Find a Dealer"-page with the first Shop in Kuwait. Kuwait, USA and Canada - it is great to see our products all around the world. And of course everything is also available in our salesroom and webshop.

25. SEPTEMBER 2011 NEW: You are invited, to have a look at pencil drawings "EN ROUTE" by Steffi Westermayer. They are on exhibition in our salesroom. Delicate drawings, composed on tour. Please visit us during our opening hours and see for yourself.

2. SEPTEMBER 2011 Cleaned the pavement, bought flowers and how excited we are! Tomorrow there will be the neighborhood event at Mainzer Straße. Starting at 7 p.m., Corman will be rocking our salesroom l (Rosenstraße 11, 66111 Saarbrücken). Join the fun in!

24. AUGUST 2011 New: Our iphone solution. The cover made of thick leather will last forever.
Available in light-brown, dark-brown and black.

16. AUGUST 2011: Have you ever been to our salesroom? No? Well, there are no excuses any more not to visit us any time soon. Starting next Saturday, August 20th, we will open our doors on Saturdays, too. From 10a.m. to 2p.m. you are kindly invited to pay us a visit.
So, come to our salesroom in Rosenstraße 11, 66111 Saarbrücken. Our doors are open MO-FR from 8:30a.m. to 5p.m. and SA from 10a.m. to 2p.m. We are looking forward to see you there!

6. AUGUST 2011:Thanks for many impressions of many relationships. Our picturegallery is growing. todays picture was taken at the ROTERFADEN birthplace. The Academy of the Visual Arts in Saarbrücken.The circle is closed.

18. JULY 2011: The calendar 2012 arrived today. This year once again, we were faster than the rain.
Now available, dry and new in our online shop and shop window.

5. JULY 2011: What a nice colour for the comming year. The stickers 2012 arrived.

27. JUNE 2011: The CALENDAR 2012 are currently beeing printed. NEW: From now on, all ROTERFADEN BOOKLETS are climate neutrally printed. As soon as the calendar are ready, we will send you a newsletter. Stay informed !

12. MAY 2011: A new ROTERFADEN LESEHEFT has been published.

3. MAY 2011: Today we found something really wonderful in front of our shop. crochet-art in urban space. More Informations about the artist who enrichs our town.

13. APRIL 2011, Awards ceremony: www.roterfaden.de wins silver at "Saarländischen Website Award 2011". Download the competition's brochure featuring portraits of the winners here.

7. APRIL 2011: See how a TASCHENBEGLEITER is manufactured at ROTERFADEN: Gallery Manufactory.

25. MARCH 2011: ROTERFADEN goes Social Media: After Facebook, we are on Twitter now.

4. MARCH 2011: Because of high demand, we have a second solution to put the iPad inside the TASCHENBEGLEITER. Apart from the iPad SOLUTION (1) = The iPad pocket inside our TASCHENBEGLEITER A4, you can now choose the iPad SOLUTION (2) = A TASCHENBEGLEITER with special format fitting for iPad, with Elastics in each corner of the back side. Available at the shop from TUESDAY, 8 MARCH.

4. MARCH 2011: Norman is working on the solar-sign for our new store. We are going to show you the result.

24. FEBRUARY 2011: As announced in our newsletter, rising prices for leather, stainless steel clips and various services, we need to adapt our prices which have been stable since ROTERFADEN's foundation. So do not wonder if you'll find new prices soon. Or even better: Order now quickly.
We continue to have our products manufactured 100% in Germany. Furthermore, we use vegetable-tanned and dyed leather.

11. FEBRUARY 2011: dear friends: ROTERFADEN is on Facebook now.

27. JANUARY 2011: Juhu: we are moving. As of monday you are very welcome to visit us at our nice new shop and store. ROTERFADEN, Rosenstrasse 11, 66111 Saarbrücken.

Friday, 10. DECEMBER 2010: Thanks for the many, many orders. We are busy with producing and packing! Everything you order this and the coming week (week 50) and pay immediately will arrive timely before christmas eve. (shipping adress in germany).

DECEMBER 2010: We get a lot of requests for "Taschenbegleiter fo