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100% made in Germany       

The clips

You can open and close the stainless steel clips with a fingertip. Other brands booklets, as well as DIN formats, can be used.

No need to punch the loose papers. Just fix your receipts, banknotes, letters, sketches, tickets, different notebooks, calendars,and magazines inside the clips.

The stainless steel clips get produced and thoroughly tested in Bavaria.

Last but not least: The clips also act as bookmarks when inserted between the current page

VERY FITTING You don’t need to punch holes in anything. You are not limited to specific formats. All your slips of paper, receipts, notes, paper money, letters and tickets as well as notebooks and magazines and much, much more will fit into a TASCHENBEGLEITER.

THE CLIPS ALSO ACT AS BOOKMARKS when inserted between the right pages. 

YOUR OWN DESIGN Formats, materials, colors and features can be individually combined via the online TASCHENBEGLEITER KONFIGURATOR  

Your auto(matic) biography In contrast to the loose leaves from conventional organizers, ROTERFADEN HEFTE 

THE CLIPS DISAPPEAR INTO THE SEAM. This makes optimum use of the inside of the organizer, in contrast to ring-bound organizers.

FREEDOM Your hand is not hindered by ring retainers when writing – left-handers love this!

TABLET & CO also fit neatly into the interior pockets of a TASCHENBEGLEITER.

Illustration: Joni Majer