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ROTERFADEN is the German manufacturer of the TASCHENBEGLEITER calendar system. A patented clip mechanism inside the organizer provides maximum freedom. »Lift the clips, everything fits!« 

A selection of ROTERFADEN booklets complements the core product, but one can equally clip in any other form of paper – individual sheets or bound booklets.

Founded in 2006, ROTERFADEN produces by hand using high quality materials, with a focus on sustainability and design. 

How did this all happen?

ROTERFADEN AND THE TASCHENBEGLEITER (»bag companion«) are the result of a design diploma in 2006. The topic for the thesis was »the calendar«. What do the organizers and calendars look like that people carry around in their bags? What can be done to improve the situation?


Maximum freedom

The different forms of self-organization need a »system with maximum freedom«.

The search for a modular solution had to tick a lot of boxes – it needed to work without a hole punch, and all the notes and other scraps of paper had to be allowed to stay, because working with pieces of paper doesn’t necessarily mean chaos.

After a lot of ideas and questions and designs The TASCHENBEGLEITER finally ended up at the patent office!


The degree at the SAAR UNIVERSITY OF ART & DESIGN can have an interdisciplinary nature – so our product designer was often in the typography studio as well as the workshops and the materials library during the development process.

The clip mechanism inside the organizer allows for »maximum freedom«. DIN formats are »allowed«.


All sorts of papers fit in a TASCHENBEGLEITER – an A4 page that you have printed out will fit, for example, in an A5 TASCHENBEGLEITER when folded in half.

Corporate Design 

The name and the corporate design were also part of the diploma because it had soon become clear that this concept was going to go further after university. The thesis was awarded with the best grade and a distinction from the university.


From prototype to startup

It took a while to find the right manufacturer for the clips and some »teething problems« needed to be dealt with. The first retailers were lined up. The business was officially opened in July 2007 and the online store went live in November 2007.


From startup to brand

The demand was high from the beginning. A number of positive reviews in the press in 2008 helped the business get off to a flying start.


And that is how the project turned into a flourishing business. Other TASCHENBEGLEITER formats were then added to the range.

The company is still based in Saarbrücken. We opened our own store at the beginning of 2011.

ROTERFADEN retailers are joining us in Germany and Europe, as well as in Los Angeles and Toronto.

In addition to our online shop, we work with owner-run stationery, book or concept stores.