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Roterfaden short visit

It’s time to find out where and how our TASCHENBEGLEITER fill their days. Who do they get to spend time with? Every episode shows a person, their work and how they organize themselves. Follow us via YouTube, so you don’t miss an episode! 

Episode 07: Christina Hinderlich / Head of Midwifery Department / WELEDA AG

Christina Hinderlich is a midwife with a degree in nursing science, and is Head of the Midwifery Department at WELEDA. Christina organizes her work and private affairs using her very full TASCHENBEGLEITER. She uses the ROTERFADEN
midwife’s calendar and various notebooks.

Episode 06: Janina Bromann / HOLISTICON AG

Janina Bromann is an editor and organizer. She runs the back office for
Holisticon, a software manufacturer in Hamburg. She describes herself as an »analog being« in the IT world and we find out that that isn’t as rare as it sounds. 

Episode 05: Benedikt Reidenbach / Musician 

Benedikt Reidenbach has been using a Taschenbegleiters and a leather smartphone case for many years. His TASCHENBEGLEITER was stolen shortly before this film was shot. »It was the only way to get a new one, as they never seem to break!« He’s constantly on the move, but found time for our brief visit in his music studio in Berlin.

Episode 04: Lars Führmann / Master carpenter

His TASCHENBEGLEITER is getting »more cool« over time. As a master carpenter, he appreciates this quality and longevity – particularly in view of his daily work. Appointments, projects, sketches and notes he takes during meetings with clients – he collects them all in his TASCHENBEGLEITER with four pairs of clips and one notebook after another. 

Episode 03: Katja Führmann / Owner of PARTIKEL / Bielefeld

Katja produces and sells her own bag collection »48/00« in her store Partikel. In addition, she offers a selection of sustainable brands, and for the last ten years, ROTERFADEN has been one of them. She loves the fact that she only ever gets positive feedback about TASCHENBEGLEITER. She personally uses a Taschenbegleiter ST_17, (»Since the ST_17 arrived, it’s the only one I sell«) in which she stores a »calendar sketch books and her smartphone.

Episode 02: Christina Britz-Simon / Speech therapist

Eight years ago, the speech therapist Christine Britz-Simon gave herself and her team TASCHENBEGLEITER. She uses the large MAGNUM calendar from BRUNNEN – it’s easy to clip in calendars from different manufacturers. The
TASCHENBEGLEITER in the film are 20 × 25 cm, which were succeeded in 2017 by the 21 × 28 cm format. This size accommodates patient records in the inside pockets. 

Folge 1: Joni Majer / Illustratorin

The series of short films SHORT VISIT started with the illustrator Joni Majer. Joni uses a Taschenbegleiter LB_15, where we found a »calendar / Layout 01« and two sketch books made from 120g drawing paper. She keeps her series of »daily drawings« in one and reserves the other for clients’ work.

Direction and editing of all short films: Philipp Majer of Bunkhouse Film