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Can’t imagine what it looks like?

Can’t imagine what it looks like? We’re happy to send you free MATERIAL AND COLOR SAMPLES, so that you can feel all the materials and have a better idea of the colors. 



Very strong, approx. 2 mm thick, natural, slightly roughened (nubuck) leather. Available in three colors. Our full grain cattle leather comes from German tanneries where it is tanned and dyed.

A note about our exterior leather: imperfections such as wrinkles, scars or even mosquito bites accentuate the natural character of the material and its uncoated surface. Regular greasing and waterproofing prevent the leather from drying out and fading. Grease can make the leather darker. Over time and with use, the leather will develop a natural patina.


100% Wool felt

Cheap crafting felt that quickly pills and gets dirty is no comparison to our 2 mm thick pure wool felt. 
Like silk, pure wool, with its natural lanolin, has a self-cleaning effect. The felt is very durable. Your hand lies on a nice warm surface while you write. 



is a durable plastic flooring material that was specially developed for ballet dancing. It has a pleasant feel, you can’t see your fingerprints and it is just as durable as leather. It is also easy to wipe clean.


Printing blanket

The rubber printing blanket is used in the process of offset printing. Making for particularly attractive graphics! Shapes and stripes, traces of text and images, new color combinations. Every piece we cut out has a unique color and appearance when it starts its new life on the outside of a TASCHENBEGLEITER. At around 2 mm thick, printing blanket has just the right stiffness for a TASCHENBEGLEITER cover. 
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Recycled leather

Leather off-cuts from the vegetable tanning process are bonded together with natural latex to create recycled leather. This makes the best possible use of such a high quality material. The dark gray surface can be wiped clean. Recycled leather is slightly stiffer than ROTERFADEN leather.


Chrome free-tanned interior leather

This also makes for very comfortable writing, but is somewhat thinner than wool felt. The soft, chrome free-tanned suede is supplied by a German tannery.


Plant-based Felt (vegan)

After a long search, we have finally found a vegan alternative to the wool felt and suede on the inside of our TASCHENBEGLEITER. We felt it was important that the new material be a natural alternative.
A German manufacturer has developed a 100% plant-based felt. It feels just as good as felted merino wool, is of exceptionally high quality and consists of 70% plant remains and 30% wood fibers. The mottled effect is due to the wood fibers not fully absorbing the dye.