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Printing blanket

The rubber printing blanket is used in the process of offset printing. For its original use in a printing machine, it is stretched around a printing cylinder and transfers the ink from the printing plate to the paper. A fascinating job: printing blanket sees lots of interesting words and pictures in its first life. It is then washed over and over again, yet it still bears testament to its previous job – making for particularly attractive graphics! Shapes and stripes, traces of text and images, new color combinations.

Every piece we cut out has a unique color and appearance when it starts its new life on the outside of a TASCHENBEGLEITER. The blanket is backed with a cotton textile. After the cleaning process, the ink residues on/in the material are completely non-hazardous. We have had this confirmed by two chemical tests (DIN EN 71). At around 2 mm thick, printing blanket has just the right stiffness for a TASCHENBEGLEITER cover.

We are very happy to now be working with both the vegetable-tanned leather and with this recycled material. PRINTING BLANKET has to be seen “in the flesh”, which is why we only sell it through our retailers and of course in our own store in Saarbrücken. You'll find more pictures in our  picture gallery

Printing blanket showroom

Not everybody has a ROTERFADEN retailer nearby (yet). Our unique printing blanket products are too special to sell on our web shop and are distributed exclusively in our Saarbrücken store and through our retail partners. Due to that we arranged an Instagram-showroom:

There, at @roterfaden_drucktuch we show the newest printing blanket TASCHENBEGLEITER. Each picture has its own number so that you can easily order the TASCHENBEGLEITER. Just mail us or give us a call.